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Carlsbad, CA (February 9, 2006) We are all creative no matter what we may think. Some of us just have to dig a little deeper to discover or rekindle it. Everyone’s creative process is as unique as a thumbprint.

Have you ever noticed that you feel different after you’ve finished writing a poem, painting with watercolors, or playing the piano? The sense of completion is satisfying. But there’s something more: Each time you create, you give birth to something that contains a piece of your essence. As you create, you change. Your neurotransmitters literally activate the atoms of your brain and body during the creation process with messages of insight and discovery. You wake up, plug in, get connected, and manifest your vision.

Feel ready to tap into your creative current? Embark on the journey of a lifetime with authors Daena Giardella and Wren Ross in their new book, Changing Patterns: Discovering The Fabric of Your Creativity (Hay House February 2006). Uncover the patterns that get in the way of your creative passion and find practical ways to make creativity part of your everyday life. The book is divided into two parts that offer complementary discussions of the creative process:

In Part I, Giardella explores the power of creativity as a vital tool for self-development and fulfillment. She takes a look at how cultivating a dynamic relationship with your creative process can change your life. She also helps you identify your unique creative work cycles as you learn to make peace with your inner critic and have fun with the projects you love to do — whether you choose to use your imagination in the kitchen, in a studio, or in the garden. Giardella offers practical and inventive suggestions to help you overcome the obstacles that keep you stuck, so you can finally allow creativity to take center stage in your life with passion and confidence.

In Part II, Ross illustrates the value of the creative process by using knitting as a metaphor for life. She invites people to look at their lives through the eyes of a knitter. The craft of knitting is enjoying an explosion of popularity recently as people everywhere are reaching for this portable peace of mind. Ross addresses such questions as: Why knit? How can knitting become a new form of meditation? By observing how you begin and end a project, get out of tangles, and deal with mistakes, you'll see how the act of creation can teach you a lot about yourself, whether or not you knit. In addition, Ross includes two simple and beautiful projects designed to help reflect on personal life patterns.

This unique book combines the wisdom and creative genius of two artistic pioneers who have helped thousand of people access and express the fullness of their own creative process. To find out more about the authors please visit and

Daena Giardella is an actor, creativity coach, and motivational speaker who has inspired audiences and workshop participants around the globe. Her innovative one-woman improvisational theater performances have earned kudos in the USA and abroad for their portrayals of the outrageous challenge of being human. She was featured in The Life Makeover Project with Cheryl Richardson on Oxygen TV; and she has appeared on numerous other TV and radio programs, including the PBS series Discovering Psychology. Website:

Wren Ross is an actor, singer, knitwear designer, and fiber philosopher. Her writings about knitting have been published in two editions of Knit Lit as well as Interweave Knits magazine. She has created many cabaret performances, and is also an accomplished voice-over actor. Her workshops empower people to find their authentic voice.Website:

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