With Daena Giardella

Do you have some creative skeletons in your closet?? Some unfinished creative projects tucked away out of sight?

Is there a monologue, story, screenplay, presentation, painting, dance, non-fiction piece, stand-up comedy act, poem or novel inside of you that needs support, insights, and inspiration to get out??

"YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS" is a laboratory workshop for each participant to cultivate a deeper, more active relationship to her/his particular stages of creativity, while working on specific projects or goals from week-to-week in class.

The series is aimed at people who are looking to jump-start, rediscover, support, or simply explore their creative passion as well as those who are currently working on a specific project. Our format invites participants to explore from whatever stage they happen to be moving through in the cycles of creation.

In addition to improvisation, movement, acting, and physical/vocal presentation exercises, a big focus of this new workshop is the use of spontaneous writing in class. The key ingredient in this laboratory is the creation of an atmosphere of trust, safety, and mutual support so that experimentation, risk taking, insight, and honesty might unfold. Be assured of plenty of humor too!


Next Series Begins:
May 7th, 2009
Thursday Evening
6:45-9:45pm for 5 Weeks
in Watertown, MA

For more information, fees, and registration please call: 617-924-9596
or email:
web site:

Advanced payment & registration is required. Only your payment ensures your space in the class. Class Size Limited—Early Registration is Recommended!


“Daena Giardella is brilliant.  I found her work to be extremely resonant, relevant, moving and funny.  She gets to the essence of what is important.  I wholeheartedly recommend her performances and classes to everyone."
-Natalie Goldberg, Author “Writing Down the Bones” & “Wild Mind”

This workshop is an outgrowth of Daena's new book about the creative process (co-authored with Wren Ross) called Changing Patterns: Discovering the Fabric of Your Creativity.

Here's an excerpt from the book that relates to the "Your Creative Process" workshop series:

"The creative process is a passionate, sweaty dance around a midnight bonfire. It’s a deep-sea diving adventure and a trip to the moon. It’s hard work and rewarding play. It’s an intentional accident, a curious experiment, and an awesome discovery. It’s a labor of love and a breeding ground for resistance. It’s the careful act of putting commas and dashes where they belong, and it’s a full can of paint flung at a canvas. It’s a mirror, a meditation, a mirage, and a mountain. It’s a pack of galloping wild horses and the drip of a leaky pipe. It’s a tenacious tangle with No, a defiant shuffle toward Maybe, and every cell in your body cheering Yes! as you jump off the edge...But more than anything, your creative process is a profound life teacher, a sacred vessel to express your soul purpose, and a wellspring of healing."

While each person has a unique experience with the creative process, there are some feelings and states of mind that everyone goes through. As you create, it’s helpful to view your particular journey in the context of these universal stages. You can gain tremendous insight about where you are in the process, what experiences you might encounter, how you tend to get stuck (and unstuck), and what helps you succeed...If you know the habitual stages of your particular process, you can recognize and prepare for them whenever they pop up. This allows you to navigate through the tight passages that might arise with more ease.

Mastery in the creative process depends on the cultivation of two sets of skills: First, you need to acquire proficiency in the techniques of your art or craft; and second, you need to develop emotional dexterity to help you navigate through the various psychological states that are likely to arise. Great artistic technique can be squandered if it isn’t accompanied by a savvy awareness of the psychology of creativity."

(c) 2006 Daena Giardella  from Changing Patterns: Discovering the Fabric of Your Creativity