About Changing Patterns: Discovering the Fabric of Your Creativity:

In the first part of this book, Daena Giardella takes a fascinating look at how developing a dynamic relationship with your creative process can change your life. By understanding the psychological stages of the creative process, learning to define your unique work cycles, and making peace with your inner critic, you'll learn to overcome the obstacles that keep you stuck, so you can finally allow creativity to take center stage in your life with passion and confidence.

In the second part, Wren Ross invites you to experience the power of the creative process using knitting as an active form of meditation. "Knitting is a profound metaphor for life," says Ross, "by observing how you begin and end a project, get out of tangles, and deal with mistakes, you'll see how the act of creation can teach you a lot about yourself." Included are two simple and beautiful projects designed to help you reflect upon your personal life patterns. This unique book combines the wisdom and creative genius of two artistic pioneers who have helped thousands of people access and express the fullness of their own creative potential.